What has George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion and Oye! got in common?

Now for a bit of culture (education in the arts).  Well, George Bernard Shaw was a famous Irish playwright who wrote a play and a book entitled, “Pygmalion” which is about a Professor of phonetics, (Henry Higgins) who made a bet that he could pass off a common Cockney flower seller (Eliza Doolittle) as a Duchess, the most important factor being to improve her speech.  Look up ‘Cockney’ in Wikipedia for an idea of how she spoke.  The play was adapted and made into the famous musical film, “My Fair Lady”, starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.

Of course he won the bet!  Professor Higgins that is.

One of the many songs from the musical featured, “The Rain In Spain” which is the turning point in the story.  So for a bit of fun I thought I would include it here.  And, to a certain extent it becomes appropriate with Oye!


About Oye! - Overcome Your English!

Oye! is not about teaching English, it's about helping improve your English communication, your listening skills and getting used to different English accents. Helping improve your English as a second language in a practical way. Immersing you in the language. " Overcome Your English....with everyday English. Every day! " The total unique experience.
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