I think I am a Dinosaur! And some idioms included.

When setting up this Blog, by no means did I think I was ‘computer illiterate‘.  However.  I understand how to do a lot of things using the computer and I am no way an expert.  But, Hey!  I have had a quick ‘wake up call’.  All the things that can be done now on a web page or a Blog page.  In the early days of computers, a floppy disc was just what it was!

‘Wake up call’ means, something that needs attention or a situation that can be interpreted as a sign that a major change is needed in the way somebody lives or conducts business.

Before all this technology.  Before the ‘hole in the wall’ that was the nearest I got to technology.  And I think I am still relatively young.  Well, in mind and spirit.

‘Hole in the wall’ affectionately known as the Automatic Cash Dispenser.  I have had this conversation with many.  Can you remember what you used to do to get money/cash?  Before the ‘hole in the wall’.

Now you can Blog, I.M., Post and Tweet at the flick of a switch.  I dare say there are a few more things I do not know about!  Never mind sending instant photos and videos from a mobile telephone.

A telephone was a luxury to the few not so many years ago.  The one that had a fixed line!  And when you went on holiday abroad.  No one could contact you until you were back home.  Now you can do it from virtually anywhere in the World!  Please, no dirty comments!

It is fantastic how things have developed.  Or is it?  Where will it end?

Any comments?


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