Food and Drink (Wine)! Another new Section. Mmmm.

I came to thinking, that as with songs, Food & Drink is another way of communicating/improving your English.  Why not?  We all love songs.  And we all love food?  And drink?  So, we can share our different cultures with our different gastronomy.   Possibly, I like it too much,  especially red wine, as my friends will tell you!

At the moment, I am going through a ‘phase’, with Philadelphia cheese.  Have you seen the recipes you can get off the internet from their website?  See:

I tried the Spring Lamb Chops with Garlic and herb Philly Sauce tonight.  It wasn’t the best recipe I’ve tried from the website but it was nice.  The red wine complemented it!

My favourite so far, is the ‘Philly Fratata’ (with chicken).  But there are so many to try!

I wasn’t the greatest of cooks in my younger life, until I met my wife all those many years ago.  When I looked like a ‘stick insect‘!  Now, well we won’t go there.  Too many years…….too many pounds.

Another time I will let you into the secret of gravy for each kind of meat.  That’s my wife’s fault for teaching me!  Never mind Bisto or powdered mixes for gravy!

Aproveche!  Or something like that…… they say in Spanish!

Or in French, Bon appetit!


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Oye! is not about teaching English, it's about helping improve your English communication, your listening skills and getting used to different English accents. Helping improve your English as a second language in a practical way. Immersing you in the language. " Overcome Your English....with everyday English. Every day! " The total unique experience.
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