Music Spot.

Eurovision tonight!!  LOL  Before all the politics and neighbourly voting, the Eurovision Song Contest was a bit of light entertainment.  There were no politics back then.  It was for fun.  Although there were dreadful songs, there were some notable ones.

Vicky Leandros, I would suggest was one.

I will still be watching it to see how Engelbert Humperdinck does.  But I don’t think he will win.


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One Response to Music Spot.

  1. So……….no change there then? Especially with the voting system. Not that the UK’s entry was anything special but surely a better, fairer way of voting has to be discovered. When countries vote for their neighbours and vice-versa. When countries do not vote for certain countries because of past actions. It used to be a competition for fun and more often than not the best song won. Poor old Engelbert, beaten by a bunch of Grannies, as well as 23 other countries!

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