New Category. UK History, Customs & Culture.

Okay.  We’re going to try a new category which will appear now and again specifically for people who are not aware of British or UK History, customs and culture.  Because to learn and understand a language better, it is not only about learning the language.  You also need to understand the culture of the country and its people.

To start with, what is Great Britain?  And why do we also have the United Kingdom to complicate matters?

Furthermore, many people relate ‘English’ as solely being Great Britain.  This is incorrect and can cause offence to other nationalities within the United Kingdom!

Great Britain is actually the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland together with the principality of Wales.

The United Kingdom, ‘on the other hand’, includes Northern Ireland.  And the correct terminology for these countries collectively, are the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.


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