Idioms and slang. Getting hitched.

My friend is ‘getting hitched’ today.  Or I could say my mate is ‘getting hitched’ today for the second time.

Getting hitched, simply means getting married.

And in the UK a lot of men call their wife, jokingly (well some), ‘the ball and chain’.

‘Her indoors’ and ‘the trouble and strife’, are other expressions for ‘the wife’.  Those are the polite ones!

Her indoors relates to being in the house and trouble and strife is a rhyming slang, ‘strife’ rhyming with ‘wife’.

Example, ‘Lads, I’m sorry but I can’t come to the pub tonight, ‘the ball and chain’ is giving me ‘earache!’  However, not many ‘macho’ males would admit to the fact that ‘they were under the thumb’!  They would think of another excuse not to go for a drink with their male friends ‘to save face‘?

‘To save face’, means to keep your credibility, reputation or dignity in front of your ‘mates’.

And ‘Under the thumb’, is a saying when the man does/appears to do what his wife tells him to do.

‘Earache’, means someone is moaning at you or giving you grief.


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  1. Fern Schneidermann says:

    Earache can be really annoying but i usually take some pain killers and antibiotics to manage it.*

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