Sets you up for the Day! Breakfast! UK, History, Customs and Culture.

They say in Britain, the most important meal of the day is……….  Breakfast.  It supposedly, ‘sets you up’ for the day.  ‘A Full English‘………….or ‘British breakfast‘.

‘Sets you up for the day’ basically means, giving you the nourishment to see you through the rest of the day.  As long as you have breakfast, you might not need or, be able to have lunch but it will keep you going until the next meal.

Additionally see this article for further explanation:

So……….we had a look at typical British houses a while back?  Over the next few days…….or weeks………we can look at a typical day in Britain.  Unless it has changed dramatically since I left!

What’s for breakfast?

Well.  In years gone by the typical ‘English‘ breakfast might consist of:

Fried bacon, fried eggs, one or two fried slices of bread, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes, baked beans and fried ‘black pudding‘!  In Scotland, they might still give you black pudding, or a rarity, white pudding!  But a wonderful accompaniment is fried ‘potato scones’.

Accompanied by toast and marmalade or jam!  And of course a Pot of Tea or a Pot of Coffee.  Dependant on where you come from (Brits that is) they might start off with (before the great British Breakfast above) a cereal too!……for example corn flakes or muesli, fresh fruit juice (orange, grapefruit etc.)  Some might have half a grapefruit instead of the cereals?!

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Nowadays, some people will still have a ‘full english’, but some people will not even bother with breakfast.  Or, if they do, it maybe just a couple of slices of toast and tea or coffee, or cereals, like ‘Kellogg’s’ corn flakes, an apple or some other type of fruit.

Breakfast in Britain can be anytime in the morning.  From very early in the morning until maybe 11am or later!


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