Wimbledon frustration……AGAIN! Idioms!

Well the football (Euro 2012) has finished and now the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are ‘well on their/its way’ or you could say, ‘well underway’.

‘Well on their/its way’/ ‘well underway’ means, the project has started and progress is being made and whatever is being done or carried out, is nearer to conclusion.

‘Their’ and ‘its’ are used in the context as there can be more than one (plural) – ‘their’ or in another context there might be just one (singular) – ‘‘its’.

Currently watching Andy Murray for the umpteenth time, yet again attempting to get to the Final and win his first major Grand Slam which just happens to be Wimbledon.  Just like Tim Henman in previous years.  And he’s making ‘hard work of it’.  Frustration.

‘Umpteenth’ means relatively large but unspecified in number.  In this context, I’ve watched him many, many times only to fail.

‘Making hard work of it’ means, to do something in a way which makes it more difficult than it should be.


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