Let us get back on track! Typical Lunch in the UK. UK History, Customs and Culture.

Things have changed a great deal in the UK over the years with regard to eating habits.  British people eat more like their European partners to an extent.  Typically, they would have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Evening meal).  As mentioned in previous posts, some people will now ‘skip’ (not have) some of them.  There was/is a saying (idiom) that described them as ‘three square meals a day’.

So for Lunch now, especially ‘office workers’ that work 9 to 5 (9am – 5pm).  They may have a sandwich or a baguette made up of cold meats; chicken and salad, beef and salad or any other combination of meats.  Even hot pork with ‘stuffing’ in a sandwich or baguette.  Some may just have Salad.  At school you would have three courses, a starter, main meal and pudding (sweet).

In cooking, stuffing or filling (specifically for poultry) is an edible substance or mixture, often a starch.

Coming back to Lunch.  Some people may have a snack……which would be a sandwich, or a baguette mentioned previously or something small or ‘light’.  A burger for example.  BurgerKing…..Macdonalds…..Kentucky Fried.

In years gone by, the favourite would be ‘Fish & Chips‘ from the ‘Chippy’.  Most towns have quite a few ‘chippies’.  In years gone by they used to be wrapped in old newspaper.  Apparently that is now illegal according to European Law!  This type of meal was/is a favourite for evening meal……as well!  Most fish would be ‘battered’.  Covered in a ‘batter’ mixture of flour and egg and then fried.  They also batter sausages and chicken pieces.  In some places in ‘The Midlands’ central part of England, one fish and chip shop battered ‘Mars Bars‘!  Mmmm.  It’s on;y like the Chinese do Banana Fritters really?

Evening meal or dinner (as it is called in some parts) would traditionally be where the family eat together.  But that is not always the case.

We’ll come on to evening meals later.  And then we’ll look at the traditional Sunday Lunch or the ‘Sunday Roast’.


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