Oye! continues……………..and also introduces ‘My English Companion’.

Well.  We have not been on the blog for a while.  Been busy with lots of things.  One being a new idea in addition to Oye! continuing to provide English Immersion courses in the UK, which will continue.  At present there are no new dates for Oye!  But we aim to publish some new dates for 2013 very soon.

Just to mention, there have been 2,356 visits to the site from all over the world as we speak since going ‘live’ way back in March/April this year!  That’s an average of just under 300 visits per month, approximately.  Thank you.

So, what’s this new idea?  Oye! is introducing an additional service which we are calling, ‘My English Companion’.

This will be a very special service for people who want to improve their English but with an English speaking person being with you (apart from sleep-time) virtually 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days a week).  In addition, rather than staying at one particular venue e.g. London, being the popular location for many people.  You have the opportunity to visit many other places that are just as interesting as London anywhere in the UK!  ‘My English Companion’, can arrange hotels, car hire (if required), train travel at the best possible prices and visiting popular places of interest.  If travelling from Spain, air travel can be arranged too!  So, you can involve a holiday OR involve ‘My English Companion’ in a business trip that you have planned.  Whatever the reason, ‘My English Companion’ will be with you every step of the way.  From Breakfast until evening.  The same principle will apply as with Oye!.  Speaking only English, every day.  But…..with the added advantage of experiencing English customs and traditions that you can’t from a Classroom in another country.

At present ‘My English Companion’ will be limited to 4 persons at any one time.  This may not be of interest to you personally.  But, if you have friends and family considering a visit to the UK for the reasons mentioned.  Tell them.

If you are interested in any aspect of ‘My English Companion’, please make contact via e-mail (overcomeyourenglish@gmail.com) to discuss a fully personalized ‘trip’ AND service and further details.


About Oye! - Overcome Your English!

Oye! is not about teaching English, it's about helping improve your English communication, your listening skills and getting used to different English accents. Helping improve your English as a second language in a practical way. Immersing you in the language. " Overcome Your English....with everyday English. Every day! " The total unique experience.
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  2. Thank you ‘skinnywench’ for liking the post…….have not heard that word (wench) for a long while. And thank you too, ‘AirportsMadeSimple’……….Watch out for some more posts! LOL

  3. Thank you too, Patrick Latter and ‘ailsapm’ for liking this post. Here’s to many more. LOL

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