Idioms and a Music Spot, together!

‘I’m getting on a bit’, means I am getting older.  Not as young as I once was.

‘You’re only as old as you feel’ or, ‘You’re only as young as you feel’, means although you maybe getting older in years you can still feel young.  Feel as young as you want to be.

So, during the summer and whilst attending one of my English Immersion courses with Colonia Inglesa (now Estación Inglesa) and not being one for late nights anymore!  (Liar!)  I ‘succumbed’, means I could not resist and went to a late night bar/disco.  Where I was introduced by the younger members of the group to the ‘modern’, up-to-date music.  And surprisingly, really enjoyed it.  So much so, I now have the latest David Guetta CD, who I had never heard of before.  And I really love this particular track.  Hope you do too.  

Oh, and it’s this thing called ‘House Music‘ which I never thought I would like………………….

‘Titanium’ featuring the Australian singer, Sia.  It’s fantastic……………….Especially at ‘Full Blast’ in the car!  You can hear me coming for miles.  ‘Full Blast’, means very loud or the volume is at maximum!  P.S.  Changed the original video to include lyrics.  Remember, songs can help with your English!


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Oye! is not about teaching English, it's about helping improve your English communication, your listening skills and getting used to different English accents. Helping improve your English as a second language in a practical way. Immersing you in the language. " Overcome Your English....with everyday English. Every day! " The total unique experience.
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  1. Thank you Erik for liking my post. I have not been so involved lately with it. But that will change!

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