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OYE! - Overcome Your English! Immersion Course now includes 'My English Companion'.

There have been many Spanish, many Italians, many Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Columbian, Belgian, Romanian and French that have visited this site.  And now Ukrainia.  We would like to know whether the Translator available provides a reasonable translation of the pages?  Is this translation any good?  Please provide feedback.  Many thanks.

Español: Ha habido muchos españoles, muchos italianos, muchos polacos, japonés, portugués, Colombina, belga, rumano y franceses han visitado este sitio. En total más de 1300! ¿Nos gustaría saber si el traductor disponible proporciona una traducción razonable de las páginas? ¿Es esta traducción alguna buena? Sírvanse proporcionar retroalimentación. Muchas gracias.

Italiano: Ci sono stati molti spagnoli, molti italiani, molti polacco, giapponese, portoghese, colombiana, belga, rumeno e francesi che hanno visitato questo sito. In totale oltre 1300! Ci piacerebbe sapere se il traduttore disponibile fornisce una ragionevole traduzione delle pagine? È questa traduzione di…

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About Oye! - Overcome Your English!

Oye! is not about teaching English, it's about helping improve your English communication, your listening skills and getting used to different English accents. Helping improve your English as a second language in a practical way. Immersing you in the language. " Overcome Your English....with everyday English. Every day! " The total unique experience.
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