Teatime…..Dinner time….Evening meal. Not forgetting…..Suppertime! Depends where you live. UK History, Customs and Culture.

Well.  You have seen what the typical breakfast, ‘elevenses’, Lunch and afternoon tea consist of.

Now comes Evening Meal, ‘Dinnertime’ or Teatime ‘.  Depends what part of the UK you live in as to the correct terminology, as in some areas ‘Dinnertime’ can mean ‘Lunchtime‘ because historically, dinner time related to the main meal of the day (which was many, many years ago) at midday or ‘Lunchtime’.  Are you confused yet?  However, the evening meal gradually became the ‘main meal’ of the day and therefore it became ‘dinnertime’.  This meal might be eaten any time between 6pm to 8pm, but there is no definitive time.  The Evening Meal has gradually been getting later and later in the UK.  Perhaps because of people working longer and later, these days.

So we shall call it, the ‘Evening meal’.  And what is typically eaten at this time of day?  Well the strange fact is, it could be a variety of different meals and not necessarily traditional ‘English‘ food!

Firstly, older generations might keep to a typical ‘meat and two veg‘ (as some people just do not like what they would describe as ‘foreign food’).

I can only describe this meal as a smaller version of the traditional British Sunday lunch.  This meal might consist of pork chops, lamb chops, roast chicken and not forgetting the good old typical ‘Fish & Chips‘ (previously mentioned in the post about Lunchtime).  Or many variations of meat and chicken pies with chips and possibly ‘mushy peas‘ which are made from marrowfat peas with a mixture of water and a little bit of salt and sugar mixed together, that results in something like a sloppy green pea soup!  (Click on the link for a more detailed description an see photo below).

The two vegetables mentioned might include any of the following combinations; peas, carrots, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and boiled or mashed potatoes served with gravy, which might be made with Bisto gravy powder, or traditionally, using the fat from the meat with flour, the vegetable water and gravy browning.

Secondly, we come to the newer generation whose dinner might be described as little more adventurous and cosmopolitan from a choice of ‘curries’ (commonly known as Indian meals), Chinese meals, Italian meals (pastas, pizzas etc.).  In fact, from just about any place in the world.

And finally, ‘suppertime’.  In some parts of UK ‘supper’ is the ‘evening meal’.  Now I’m getting confused!  But where I come from and in other parts of the country, supper is like a ‘snack’ later in the evening before bedtime.  This might consist of a bacon sandwich, a sausage sandwich or even a cheese sandwich  I know someone who even has a bowl of Cornflakes!  Any type of snack.  For when you get a little ‘peckish’ after all these different meals that you can eat during the day!  Oh!  And we haven’t covered Brunch or Barbecues…….yet!  It’s amazing anyone has time to work!  (Loads of laughs.)

N.B. (nota bene, take special note).  ‘Peckish’ simply means, feeling a little hungry.

Me?  I will eat when I am hungry.  Which maybe at the same times previously mentioned.  I really need to go on that diet!


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