a. About Us

OYE! have decided to introduce an English immersion course with a difference, in the UK.

We have negotiated with the largest privately owned hotel chain in the UK.

The first course is being planned for the beginning of October 2012, when all the hype of the Olympics has well and truly finished.

Lyn and Graeme Clark, the organisers of this course have been involved in similar immersion experiences in Spain and having done so and enjoyed this type of ‘training’, resulted in their decision to introduce such a unique course in the UK.  So, it is not just for Spanish-speaking people wanting to improve their English, it is for anyone who wishes to improve their conversation and communication with English as a second language.


Was a police officer for 30 years in the UK.  In his last 5 years of service he qualified to be a Police Trainer obtaining a nationally recognised Police Trainer’s Development Programme Certificate.  He went on to teaching new police recruits to the Police Service at a National level.  Following this, he became part of the initial planning and delivery team for West Midlands’ Police Student Officer Training Programme and delivered a number of Initial Training Programmes before becoming the Course Co-Ordinator and Development Officer for the complete programme, being instrumental in improving, researching and developing the majority of the complete 18 week course.

In the final years of his police career he continued his own learning and development and successfully obtained a Certificate in Education (PCET).

Since retiring from the police he has been involved with the immersion courses that this course is built around together with regularly attending *‘inter-cambio’ (see below) sessions with Spanish and English-speaking people wishing to improve their English/Spanish language and speaking.  The enjoyment for him since being involved with teaching and training people has been in seeing and being a part of their development.  This is evident in the passion he continually displays when being part of an individuals’ learning.  He has also assisted a friend and private teacher of English to cover private English lessons with Spanish students in a local town near to where he lives.

Addendum:  In February/March 2013 he decided to commit further to his own development and enhance his teaching skills by attending Clic International House, Sevilla successfully obtaining the Cambridge CELTA (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification. 

*’Intercambio’ is a Spanish expression describing where people meet to practice and learn more about their desired second language.  ‘An exchange of languages’.


Is married to Graeme and has been the driving force in bringing this course to its inception.  She has been involved in communicating with people at all levels since her early days as a hairdresser.  After many years in the ‘caring profession’ she became a qualified Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) in 1998 and throughout her working life has developed excellent communication, organisational and observational skills.  Her main attributes gained from these skills were the ability to develop people’s confidence in themselves, applicable to the Oye! programme.  For nearly 10 years she was involved with the caring and assessment of people suffering from ‘mental health issues’ for a large organization and went on to run her own Mental health consultancy business before retiring to Spain with Graeme

She has participated in similar courses such as Oye! and regularly attends ‘Intercambio’ meetings with Graeme where she too, enjoys seeing the evidence of people improving their English language.

Both Graeme and Lyn complement one another especially in the co-ordination and organisation of the type of course being offered.


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