b. Brief information about the Course

** New dates for 2013 will be published in due course.

Firstly, we need students who want to improve their English speaking skills and can visit the UK for at least a week.  Secondly, we need native English-speaking volunteers who can give up a week of their time to speak everyday in English, assisting the students to gain confidence in speaking ‘everyday English’.  Every day!

It is a tiring course but rewarding.  Volunteers receive no payment but in return for their enthusiasm to help others they will receive full board accommodation for their time.

It is a different type of English-speaking experience to help improve the language skills of people who want to further develop their English as a second language for work or social reasons in a practical way. This is not a conventional type of English language program.  It is a course to improve and build upon the knowledge and learning of the language already possessed, thereby providing the confidence to speak it.  Students will need to be of at least an Intermediate level of English for the program to work.

Oye! – Overcome Your English! has evolved from similar courses that have been running in Spain for many years where Spanish students embark on a total immersion English-speaking program with ‘Anglo’s’ or ‘Native Speakers’ of English.  Currently, there does not appear to be anything similar in the UK that uses the unique concept of using ‘volunteers’ speaking with Students from ‘morning ‘till night’.  Equally, this will allow students to experience and immerse themselves in the English way of life together with eating ‘the English way’. 

Of course there are schools and colleges that provide conventional English Language courses and residential English Language courses that concentrate on the workings of the language.  This course is about consolidating such learning and giving students the opportunity to use their previous learning in a practical environment to speak ‘everyday’ English.  Every day!  Students selected for the course will have demonstrated that their level of English is suitable for this type of intensive course (Intermediate Level).

The emphasis and strength of the course lies in the absolute requirement to speak in everyday English with the students.  Every day!  The students too, should only speak in English, even in conversation with a fellow student from the same country.

You will have breakfast, ‘chats’ (one-to-ones), lunch and evening meals in small groups together with group activities and exercises that are designed to be fun and enjoyable.  Never forgetting that the whole principle will be to speak in English.  Every day!  

For student applicants there is a link to a website (See ‘Test your level of English’ heading) where you can test your level of English. However, this is only meant as a guidance.

More information and questions you may wish to ask will be available during your application process.


2 Responses to b. Brief information about the Course

  1. Rhoda says:

    A great idea!! Having been involved in similar courses to this, I know how vital these are for non-native speakers. I have seen first hand the improvements that are made and also the long lasting friendships that develop.

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