Do you want to visit the UK for work or pleasure?  But you are not too confident with your English or travelling alone in a strange country?  Do you want to practice and improve your English with a personal tutor at the same time?

‘My English Companion’ is a new idea providing a more personalized service for individuals or smaller groups up to 4 where you will be accompanied by a native English speaking person all of the time.  If you are looking at visiting the UK to improve your English, ‘My English Companion’ can use their years of experience and knowledge of the country together with their training background to make this an unforgettable experience whilst improving your English communication and understanding.

We can create a personal travel plan to include the best deals from 1,000’s of hotels throughout the UK where you can visit a particular place or places you would like to go, obtain the best train travel prices and prepare your own personalized itinerary.  London is always a favourite to visit.  But there are many more interesting places in the UK, that are not as expensive.  ‘My English Companion’ will accompany you throughout the visit during which you will be speaking English ALL the time.  Your very own ‘one-to-one’.   This can incorporate your own business trip.  Apart from personal time, you will not be alone from the time of your arrival until your departure.

You will pay for the travel expenses of your tutor/companion and their services for the period of your visit.  The price will depend on where you want to go and what you would like to do.

For more details contact us by e mail:  overcomeyourenglish@gmail.com and we can discuss your personal requirements in more detail.


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