c. Student applications

** New dates for 2013 will be published in due course.

The Volunteers in this program are important to you and to us.  But you are the main reason for this program.  And we want you to get the best out of the course that you possibly can.

Firstly, we need you to ‘Test your English’ by clicking the heading at e. on the Home page of this site.  You need to be mid-range in order that you can participate in the course.  The reason for this is that it is a very intense course where ONLY English will be spoken.  So you need to have an understanding of what is going on, as you will also be expected to speak individually and within groups for the exercises and activities you will be involved in during the course.

If you are able to, we would also like to carry out a Skype conversation with you to measure your level of English.  (See ‘How to contact us’).  This can also be arranged via e-mail when you make any enquiry to us.

You will be expected to participate in all the activities arranged for you to make the most of the course.  The most important point is that you will be expected to speak English all the time even with fellow students who speak your native language.

More information about Oye! can be accessed from the links a. – j.

Remember.  This is an intensive immersion course and it is to assist you to listen and speak English better as well as understand English better.  As well as experiencing English culture.


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