g. The Location

We have been looking for the right location particularly for people who may have to come from outside the UK as well as making it accessible to people within the UK.  And to properly plan such a course like this, takes time.  We have negotiated with the largest privately owned hotel chain in the UK, Brittannia Hotels.  The first course is planned to be at the Britannia Country House Hotel, Didsbury  and in selecting this venue, we have strived to keep the cost as low as possible to the student.  It is in the Manchester area with close proximity to the Airport where many of the airlines mentioned in the heading, ‘How to get there’, fly to.  We have recently visited the venue to make sure it meets our requirements.

The hotel is close to Manchester Airport approx. 6 miles.  Liverpool Airport is approx. 37 miles.  The location is easily accessible from the M6, M56 and M60 motorways.  There is access from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station to East Didsbury Station which is about a mile from the venue.

We had looked at the usual ‘popular’ places, London for example, but most things in the London area are that much more expensive.  However, this may yet be an option for the future but the cost of the course would have to reflect this.

Click link to view hotel:


Watch this space.  And the link to Facebook – Oye! for more information.


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